About us

Fawaz Ali Alshammari Est is a proficient logistic service,specializing in full solutions for heavy haulage and special transportation, from any chosen port in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.Established in 1998 FTE has developed from a small enterprise into an international success, shipping and annual capacity of 100,000 tons globally.
FTE is one of the Middle East leading providers of heavy haulage and special transportation projects with a comprehensive fleet of transportation equipment.We endeavor to deliver superior value to our customers by providing exceptional service for each shipment we handle. FTE manages warehouse equipped with all facilities in the storage area where you store all types of cargo on an area of (50,000sq.m) such as containers, cars and all heavy equipment with specialized and technical team who are trained in this field.
The company as well manages a refrigerator equipped with coolers and freezers on the most modern stage. FTE provides complete supply chain management including storage, inventory management, packing/storing and distribution for all types of products such as chemical, oil field and steel, equipment and heavy cargos. We can transport any load whatever its size, weight and shape.